Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)


Australia Dairy Company11
Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong

Australia Dairy Company is one of the typical CHA CHAAN TENGs in HK with quite a long history. It is famous for its Scrambled eggs and Steamed milk pudding. The fluffy, smooth and creamy scrambled eggs are mostly welcomed by people all over the world.

The fluffiness of scrambled eggs is due to the smooth fresh milk added when cooking.
The creamy and juicy scrambled egg goes well with the toast which never disappoints customers!!

Food comes within 2 minutes which is incredibly quick. The quick speed of Australia Dairy Company truly reflects the fast pace of Hong Kong.  If you come here, get ready to eat fast (you may probably finish your lunch within 15 minutes including waiting time for the food).

Though the waiters are rather rude and impatient, people love visiting Australia Dairy Company because they are here to taste the food of HK style and the nostalgic memories of HK.


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Toast with butter and jam
Not impressive at all as the toast is not crispy enough and the jam is nothing special. 


Australia Dairy Company9
Toast topped with scrambled eggs
Love this the most!!
The Scrambled egg is definitely a must try dish in Australia Dairy Company.  The juice of egg is spread all over the toast (without making the toast soft), and the texture of scrambled eggs is incredibly fluffy and creamy. Well Done!!


Australia Dairy Company7
Tea Set
– Toast (with butter)
– Spaghetti / Macaroni in soup served with BBQ 
– Drink (hot drink) or cold drink (+HK $2)


Australia Dairy Company4
Tea Set (Toast topped with ham and scrambled eggs) Combined by myself 😛
Unlike most people, I prefer having this first before the spaghetti because I enjoy the crispiness of the toast which goes well with the ham and scrambled eggs.
But it will be more flavourable if the scrambled egg is less salty.


Australia Dairy Company6
Tea Set (Spaghetti in soup served with BBQ pork)
A very simple dish which is served on your table within a minute.  The BBQ pork here is of course not comparable to those in restaurants that specialise in SIU MEI (燒味).
For the spaghetti, its texture is rather soft as it is soaked for too long while the soup is relatively salty.  Overall, this dish is not too satisfying but the reason for its high popularity is due to the short waiting time:p


Australia Dairy Company3
Tea Set (Macaroni in soup served with BBQ pork)
Similar to the spaghetti above, it is surely the best choice for a quick lunch.




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